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Stoke Road - Stoke-on-Trent - Staffordshire - ST4 2SR
CategoryTop 40
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About Radio Signal 1

Signal one is one of the largest independent UK radio stations available. It operates out of studios and Shelton and its owned by Wireless group. The station first broadcast in the year 1983 and was known for delivering broadcasts of some contemporary 80’s hits and modern pop. The channel is mostly known for its music but also is well listened for its morning show. The slogan for the show involves music and advertises the channel as a music program but many of the top programs are dedicated more exclusively to chat and news-based programming.

Currently signal one retains a 13.5% audience share in the Staffordshire area and is broadcast through Staffordshire and East and Central Cheshire. This CHR format is one of the only ways to receive the channel and it can be found on 96.9FM. the jail can also be broadcast wirelessly across the website.

Presenters and Programming

Some of the main presenters on signal one include Andy Cook and Louise Stone, Chris Bovaird, Gaz Drinkwater as well as Paris Munro. A number of programs are available including a late show, contemporary music hour, 80’s coverage and more. With the help of all of these various programs the company continues to retain a large listener share.

There are a number of contests available on the main website for signal 1. Many of these contests include trips, concerts, album experiences and more. The website offers that information about local events, new schedule information for broadcasting, playing the program through the web app as well as the ability to connect with signal 1 and its DJ’s through social media. Signal 1 can be found on instagram, facebook, youtube, twitter and more.

The mobile application available from signal 1 is also independent like the radio station. It has mass compatibility with platforms like android and ios and a wealth of information about the station, contests and mobile streaming. 

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