KISS 100

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The Beat of the UK

Kiss 100 is an FM radio station broadcasting in R&B, Hip Hop and dance music.

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About Kiss 100

Kiss 100 stands as one of the top UK hiphop, Pop, R&B, Urban and electronic dance music stations. The company regularly broadcasts on Virgin media, sky, Freeview, and more. They are owned by Bauer media group and Kiss as a network is a spinoff brand closely related to Kiss Fresh as well as Kisstory.

The original station began as a pirate radio station and with the success of KISS fm, and its eventual separation KISS 94 would eventually turn to kiss 100 in the year 1992 to improve the audience share. Kiss 100 was rebranded in the year 1992 from the KISS FM. Subsequent rebranding and changes to the station would occur until it reached its final format in 2013.

The company now broadcasts their station out across many different frequencies including 11 D in England and Wales, Sky 0178 in the UK, Freeview 713, Freesat 769, 105.6,106.1,106.4,107.7 throughout England as well as 100 MHz in London. The official slogan on this station can be foundunder the beat of the Uk and it now represents 2.2% of the entire radio market share.

Some of the main personalities for Kiss 100 include presenters rickie haywood Williams, Melvin Odoom, Adam K, Robin Banks, Graham gold, Mark Websiter, Sarah HB, DJ Hype and more. The station is consistently expanding with brand-new notable presenters as well as unique countdown hits. Kiss today even broadcasts special programming throughout Finland and Norway with much of the same programming.

Kiss 100 can be heard online as well as followed across social media outlets like Twitter and facebook. One of the best ways to connect with DJs as well as find the latest info on the station is through their website as well as the application that they have created. Kiss 100 has the Kiss Kube app which is fully compatible with tablet devices and various mobile devices for android and IOS. Kiss 100 will remain one of the favored popular music radio stations owned by Bauer media in the UK.  

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