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Clydebank Business Park - Clydebank - Glasgow - G81 2RX
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About Clyde 1 radio station

Clyde 1 is a station also managed by Bauer radio. Broadcasting out of Clydebank it provides contemporary pop hits for the whole of Glasgow and plays many of the top charting songs across Scotland. The show can be found on the 102.5 FM band throughout the greater Glasgow area and to the west.

Clyde one stands as one of the top Scottish independent local radio stations. It's been around since the 1990s in which there was a compulsory split in transmission in force by UK regulators. Radio Clyde was a station that had technically been around for over 40 years but switching the station to the FM band and digital created a new atmosphere for the channel.

With this switch live streaming and digital radio became a huge audience for Clyde 1 and new events became created such as concerts and live broadcasts. Many of the top artists to be featured in these live broadcasting concerts included Calvin Harris, mcfly, John Newman, Olly Murs, Jessie J, Labrinth and more.

Clyde 1 is at the top of three sister stations which include Clyde 2, Clyde 3 and Clyderocks.

Some of the top personalities on air currently include Greigsy, Grant Thomson, George Bowie, Fat Brestovca, Ryan Borthwick, Boogie and Arlene, Gregor Runciman and more.

Clyde 1 can be reached online for streaming via their website, They also keep a clyde 1 app. This app makes it easy to tune into all of your favorite content over your tablet or smart phone. The app is available for both Apple and Google android devices.

Clyde 1 maintains a youtube, facebook, google plus and twitter account for following all of the latest news and for customer service inquiries. They regularly run contests over social media. The company consistently performs as one of the top Scottish contemporary pop radio stations. 

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