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Jazz FM UK is a music digital radio (Jazz, Soul, Blues...)

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Information about Jazz FM
CategoryAdult Contemporary, Top 40/Pop
Programs and SpeakersThe Aberdeen Discovery Show, Jazz Travels, Saturday Night Experience, Nigel Williams, Peter Young, Jazz Notes, Dinner Jazz, Mike Chadwick, Helen Mayhew, Sarah Ward.
Iphone Apphttps://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/jazz-fm/id326647139
Android Apphttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details

About Jazz FM UK

Jazz FM UK is a radio station in the UK that is known for its music programming. The vast majority of the music played on this channel is blues, soul and jazz music. The channel first launched in the year 1990 and then switched over its format in year 2008 to a digital channel only. Some of the original broadcasts for this channel included a full concert performed in Royal Albert Hall from Ella Fitzgerald .Originally Jazz FM could be found on the 102.2 band of FM radio throughout the UK. Today the channel is found internationally via Internet radio on DAB 11a throughout the UK DAB 12A in London and DAB 9A in Norwich.

Many people now consider the channel to be an online only listening source and the company achieves a large number of its listeners through online sources. Most people choose to stream on digital or via the website player. The channel has also more or less rebranded as a web-based radio service.

Personnalities and Prorgramming

Jazz FM UK has a number of presenters that have made it extremely famous including Marcus Miller, Jez Nelson, John Osborne, Nigel Williams, Jamie Crick, David Freeman and more. Each of them generally have their own unique program that explores either a countdown of music or unique moments in jazz/ blues or soul history.

A record of the presenters at a playlist search can be found online as well as support for audio on demand for a few of the feature programs. Jazz FM UK also runs regular contests through their website which can help listeners to regularly when unique experiences such as concert tickets, event tickets and vacations.

Listing on a mobile or tablet can be easy with the help of the Jazz FM application support. The application can be downloaded from the website making it very simple to enjoy the programming on any type of device! 

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