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BBC1 is a radio station borodcasting from the United Kingdom and specialized in Popular music.

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Information about BBC Radio 1
BBC Broadcasting House - Portland Place - London - W1A 1AA
CategoryMusic News, Music Talk, Top 40/Pop
Programs and SpeakersRadio 1's Big Weekend, Zane Lowe, The 10 hours Takeover, Sara Cox, Jameela Jamil, Nick Grimshaw, Breakfast Show, Scott Mills, Newsbeat Stream, Weekend Drive Time Show.
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About BBC Radio 1

BBC radio one was one of the first radio stations ever produced by the British broadcasting Corporation. The channel has been providing 24-hour broadcasting since the year 1991 and launched its first broadcast in the year 1967. The channel is a successor to the BBC light programme which first ran in 1945. Radio one had many peaks and programs throughout generations and has continued to play modern and classic music on its programs.

With a wide selection of programs on BBC one listeners can get access to many different genres of music during the day. After seven o'clock alternative music generally plays during the day the channel plays top 40 and a wide variety of other types of music. Tuning in a different hours can treat listeners to unique programming as well as morning and daytime personalities for chat shows.

Some of the main personalities have come and gone through the years but there are many current personalities including Greg James, Adele Roberts, Annie Mac, and more who are all responsible for ongoing content and programs on the channel.

Listening to BBC radio one can be done across the entire UK or online or even on satellite radio. BBC Radio One remains one of the most popular radio stations in the UK since its launch. The program can be reached on I player and there are a wealth of podcasts from some the most famous programs as well.

BBC Radio One has a very large social media following and they can be found on Facebook, instagram, snapchat, twitter and more. With such a history involved in this channel it's even possible to follow many of the individual hosts and shows that can be found on this network too.

With a wealth of BBC mobile apps as well as the Iplayer it easy to connect with this channel and stream it online.

The easiest way that you can find out more about BBC radio one, connect with the social media accounts, listen or download the apps is via the official website. The official BBC one site can be found here.

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