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Independant radio stations, Absolute music plays rock music.

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Information about Absolute Radio
No 1 Golden Square - London - W1F 9DJ
CategoryAdult Contemporary
Programs and SpeakersNarrating Bowie, Andy Bush, Frank Skinner, The Absolute Breakfast Show, Christian O'Connell, Russ Williams, Weekdays Show, Dave Gorman, Rock 'N' Roll Football.
Iphone Apphttp://absoluteradio.co.uk/listen/mobile/
Android Apphttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details

About Absolute Radio

Absolute Radio is one of the top UK independent radio stations that launched in September of 2008. This station plays popular rock music across several different wavelengths in the UK. It broadcasts to the West Midlands, London and across the United Kingdom.

Absolute radio can be found on channel 0107 on sky, 105.2 FM and the West Midlands as well as 105.8 FM in London. The radio used to stream internationally online but now streams only in the UK. The same radio company that manages absolute radio also has various time period genres for rock programs including the 80s, 70s, 60s, 90s and early 2000. Absolute radio mostly covers todays top rock in their regular programming but they do go through almost every year as part of their programming schedules.

Some of the top radio personalities on the channel include Pete Donaldson, Claire Sturgis, Sarah Champion, Leona Graham and more.  There are a series of absolute radio apps available for listening and news. These can be found on this site. With over 50,000 items of music in their playlist this is a channel that has a gigantic variety of music played in any given day.

 Most of the listeners on this radio station range in age from teenagers to 45. Most of the post that you can find on social media are all directed in popular culture, contests as well as news stories in the world of rock.

Although absolute was once owned by Virgin and carried a lustrous host like Chris Evans in its early days, today the company is owned by Bauer media and has a whole slew of new radio hosts. Not many from the original days of stuck around.

Absolute radio has an advanced programming schedule as well as of website where you can register to listen live as well as win various contests, The absolute radio schedule can be found here. Connecting with DJs can be done via chat on social networks as well as via email which can all be found on the main site.

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