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18 Hatfields, London, SE1 8DJ, United Kingdom
CategoryNews, soccer, Sports Talk


all the sports you like in the palm of your hand

Of all the sports-related radio stations you will be able to find in the United Kingdom, we can safely say talkSPORT is one of the best ones out there. Not only because it broadcasts 24 hours a day, but because is covers a wide range of sports, news, and world-wide events. This being said, we can safely say talkSPORT has a huge number of fans spread all over the United Kingdom.

The website

Although talkSPORT covers numerous sports, the website´s main page is covered with football news and images, especially the ones which are related to the Premier League. Of course, this is fairly understandable, for Football is the most popular and played sport in the United Kingdom. And if you don´t like it, you can quickly switch sports by clicking your favorite one on the top bar. The design of the website is minimalistic and quite attractive, using combinations of gray, white, and black.

Live Radio

If you don´t want to miss any of their broadcasts, you can listen them live on their website. All you have to do is head to the top section of the site which reads “live radio”. There you will find different boxes which all represent different broadcasts. You can click whichever you desire and will instantly be redirected to it.

talkSPORT on social networks

If you desire, you can follow talkSPORT on their social network pages if you want to be updated with the latest information about your favorite sport or team. They have pages on Facebook and Twitter, where you can easily follow them and check their feed every now and then for new information. They regularly post news, videos, images and notes about most relevant sports from all over the world. 

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