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About Classic FM

Classic FM represents one of three independent radio stations across the UK. This is one of the national broadcast of classical music and it reaches England, Scotland and the surrounding area. Located on the FM band 99.9-101.9, this is one of the few stations across the UK that plays classical music and jazz.

Classic FM is known for its wide reach as well. The programming can be reached through cable television, satellite, FM, digital radio, online streaming and more. Users have a wide range of methods for access.

There are a number of well-known presenters including Alexander Armstrong, Andrew Collins, Shirley Green, Nicholas Owen, Alex James and more. Each one carries their own respective classical music or jazz programs throughout the week. Some past presenters on this program have included Stephen Fry, Sally Peterson, Simon Bates and more.

The independent radio project was actually created in the year 1990 as a means to plate popular classical music.

The program gives a grant to charity for music therapy projects as well as classical music program funding throughout the UK. From its initial success through the 90s and early 2000's the channel eventually would spawn several sister FM channels including The Jazz.

Classic FM can be found on several FM frequencies as well as reached across many social networks.Classic FM has its own app available which features ways to listen to the station and stream it. The app also comes with specialty news and more in the news list. You can download the classic FM app here

The main page for finding all of their social media accounts as well as the online stream for this classical music program can be found here.

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