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BBC radio 6

BBC radio 6 is  also known as 6 music. This station is one of the top digital radio stations available in the UK and it launched officially in 2002. The goal of this channel was always to be a dedicated music station for alternative rock 'n roll. Many people would suggest that the station today focuses more into iconic indie rock 'n roll but the station has been responsible for a number of different artist discoveries.

The evening and weekend programming goes across many different genres with BBC radio six. Today there are programs that range from sole, jazz, Jamaican music and more. The same dedication remains with this station and the vast majority of the programs available on the station digitally and on the FM band are all related to music.

The most famous program that's available on this channel has to be the John Peel program. This hour a week program previews new music as well as does artist profiles for famous artists every week. The program has been running since the 1960s and new DJ’s have taken over this iconic program each week for the original John Peel.  This remains one of the most listened to programs across many of the CBC radio music channels.

Some of the top radio personalities on the 6 include Sowento Kinch, Craig Charles, Marc Riley and more.

Programs can be streamed from the main website of BBC radio six and you can even pick it up on satellite radio. BBC radio six is available across the UK and over 2.2 million listeners tune in almost every day.

The program can be found over social media and there is a BBC radio mobile app available.

The main page to discover all of these apps and listen online can be found here.

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