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Information about BBC Radio 4 Extra
BBC Broadcasting House, W1A 1AA London, United Kingdom
Categoryarts culture, Comedy, Drama, entertainment, entertainment media
Programs and SpeakersAfter Break, Mel Giedroyc, New Quiz Radio 4 Extra Schedule, Mary Beard, The 4 O'Clock Show, George Blakes, Desert Island Discs Revisited, Niel MacGregor, A History of the World in 100 Objects, Alan Parkers.

BBC Radio 4 Extra

Showcasing the best in comedy, drama and entertainment.

If you´ve been living on this planet long enough, then there is no way you don´t know what BBC is. They are widely known for broadcasting and transmitting relevant news across the entire globe. However, they also have a radio station called Radio 4 Extra, which broadcasts repeated archives of comedy, drama and entertainment programs. This radio station broadcasts 24 hours a day and is the main broadcaster of the BBC, which is why it is safe to say they have an immense amount of fans and followers. Not only because the BBC is widely known, but because they broadcast highly entertaining content. 

The website

We have to say the BBC put a lot of effort into this platform, for this radio station´s website is mesmerizing. As soon as you enter, you will see a pleasing combination of purple and black, which perfectly suits the atmosphere of the content offered by Radio 4 Extra. Here, the broadcasts are sorted by categories and schedules, which means you can easily choose the one you like. Furthermore, it has a “highlights” section, which displays the best broadcasts of the moment.


As you´d expect, you will find countless programs when you visit Radio 4 Extra. However, some are more popular than others, which is why you can expect to see them in highlights more often than the others.

Currently, one of the most popular programs on the website is called Old Harry´s Game. This is a comedy about Satan, who decides to hold a football tournament in Hell.

If you´re looking for something more dramatic, you can opt for Orbiter X, the story of a crew that has been taken to the moon by the shadowy Unity organization. 

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